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The Dan Quinn Coaching Tree: Basically a Giant Redwood

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We may only know two things about the Falcons presumed head coach: (1) he is not Josh McDaniel; and (2) he has coached with a LOT of big name coaches.

This man will hopefully bring over some great Muschamp-isms.
This man will hopefully bring over some great Muschamp-isms.
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Dan Quinn has been called the Falcons new head coach by just about every news source available, but the team cannot hire this relatively unknown coach for another two weeks.

If you thought Quinn was just the coordinator who took Gus Bradley's spot the last two seasons under Pete Carroll's Seahawks, well, that is still correct. But he has been a part of a number of impressive coaching trees, and it sounds like some of his Seattle staff will be heading to Atlanta with him.

Quinn has nearly 20 years of experience coaching defensive lines, plugging away in college before first making the jump to the NFL in 2001. As mentioned, he coached defensive lines for Saban, Mariucci, Mora, Mangini and Erickson in the NFL, and served as the defensive coordinator for Muschamp's Florida team.

That is a LOT of creative minds and coaches who have went on to great success. Oh, and Will Muschamp.

Quinn returned to the NFL after his brief time in the SEC, where the Seahawks defense did not miss a step. Actually, the Seahawks defense improved, with young talent consistently making a big impact.

The Denver Post wrote about Quinn's time in the Seattle, and I have to admit, the man is impressive. What did he have to say about his Super Bowl win from last season?

"We played this game on our terms," the Seahawks defensive coordinator said. "This is who we are."

What a bone-chilling line. Our terms. Our defense played the Super Bowl, against the record-breaking Broncos offense, on our terms.

Not sure the last time I heard a Falcon coach say anything like that. Or the last time a Falcon team did anything like that, outside of a Buccaneers game.

He is Seattle's defensive coordinator, who not only developed a historic defense with many overlooked low draft picks but also admitted he found a flaw in Denver's offense, a mole on Mona Lisa. After the game, Quinn and some Seahawks told The Newark Star Ledger that quarterback Peyton Manning often reveals where he'll throw the ball with his eyes.

A coach that can not only find weakness... but somehow exploit it? The Falcons failed to make changes throughout the season. Game planning for one opponent? That feels like cheating.

Quinn has based his career on coaching up defensive lines, easily Atlanta's weakest group. If he can take what he has learned (along with a coordinator or two) from the coaches he has worked with, the Falcons could turn around in 2015.