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Which 2014 Rookies Will Be Impactful In 2015?

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Debating the fortunes of the 2014 Atlanta Falcons draft class.

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All eyes will shortly turn to free agency and the NFL Draft, both of which will be vital if the Falcons are going to turn the ship around before it wrecks on Cleveland Browns Island. Less discussed but just as important would be the development of the team's young players already under contract, especially the class of 2014.

Promise is a factor here. For the uneven years we saw from Jake Matthews, Ra'Shede Hageman and Dezmen Southward, they have loads of promise and genuine talent. If the Falcons are going to return to winning seasons, they'll need some of the players already on the roster to step up, and the three guys I just mentioned are certainly going to need to be part of that effort. Devonta Freeman may also be prominent, though this is a backfield with an enormous amount of flux.

I'm not going to dive deep and steal your collective thunder, but here's how I envision the draft class contributing in 2015.

Jake Matthews: Starting left tackle
Ra'Shede Hageman: Rotational defensive tackle
Dezmen Southward: Third safety
Devonta Freeman: Committee back
Prince Shembo: Starting ILB
Marquis Spruill: Special teamer
Ricardo Allen: Fourth cornerback
Tyler Starr: Backup linebacker/special teamer

Let's discuss.