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Falcons Head Coach Search: Chip Kelly May Want Out of Philadelphia

This was unexpected.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After Jim Harbaugh and Doug Marrone leaving their old teams in the last few days, college coaches are looking less successful than they were just a week ago. And if twitter is to be trusted, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly may be trying to force his way out, too.

With the Falcons interviewing the likes of Marrone and Detroit's one year defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, trading a draft pick or two to the Eagles for a more proven coach may make sense.

The rumors are sketchy, at best, but may give Arthur Blank the proven(ish), big name coach he is looking.

Lots of speculation, with something likely to happen in the next few days.

If Kelly is indeed available, potentially through trade, would you want to see him land in Atlanta?