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Report: Cardinals looking for defensive coordinator, want to interview Mike Nolan

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Fact: Mike Nolan doesn't get sprinkles on his sundae - sprinkles are for winners

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons defense didn't exactly thrive with Mike Nolan at the helm. In fact, they struggled mightily, fielding what was arguably the worst defense in the league in 2014. And gone is the excuse making for Nolan, blaming Thomas Dimitroff for bad roster management. We now know that Nolan pushed hard for a "build from the inside approach" that, put delicately, didn't pan out.

But alas, it appears Nolan will have his suitors. News broke today that the Cardinals are interested in interviewing Mike Nolan.

Nolan completed his third season with the Falcons in 2014, a season in which the Falcons allowed the most yards per game (398.3), yards per play (6.14), passing yards per game (279.9), passing yards per play (7.91), rushing touchdowns (21) and first downs per game (22.4) while finishing the year with the highest third-down percentage (46.8) in the league.

Nolan signed a 2 year contract extension in December 2013, but he reportedly cleaned out his office at the conclusion of the season. I don't think anyone expects him to be back at Flowery Branch. That said, he does have a decent track record as a coordinator. The 2011 Dolphins ranked sixth in points allowed, third in rushing yards allowed, and 10th in sacks. Dan Reeves gave him his first coordinator job at age 34 in 1993 with the Giants. He's been there and done that - don't bet against him landing on his feet.

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