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Report: Kyle Shanahan will join Falcons as next Offensive Coordinator

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Kyle Shanahan is part of a package deal with Dan Quinn, all but confirming that head coaching hire for Atlanta.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have reportedly decided to make Kyle Shanahan their next offensive coordinator, per Adam Schefter. Shanahan is reportedly top head coach candidate Dan Quinn's first choice.

The Falcons may not have played this to perfection, but it seems likely that they'll come out of this coaching search with a quality staff. Shanahan has had mixed success at stops in Houston, Cleveland and Washington, but generally his offenses cater well to quarterbacks and typically utilize effective ground games. It is worth noting that Shanahan often utilizes zone-blocking schemes, which might mean a major change up front for the Falcons. It is also worth noting that Shanahan was in demand, with reported interest from the Jets, 49ers and Bears. Given his track record, though, we can't assume he's going to lift this offense to new heights or anything. A capable steward would likely be fine, given this team's talent.

In case you're curious, in Shanahan's seven seasons as an offensive coordinator, he has had a top ten passing offense in yardage five times, and a top ten rushing offense twice. His offenses tended to be middle of the pack in scoring, however.

This doesn't confirm a Quinn hire, but it seems extremely likely with the way everything has unfolded thus far. With Denver's hire of Gary Kubiak, Atlanta's the only open job remaining, and they have their pick of remaining candidates. The Falcons are hosting Quinn for a second interview tomorrow, and it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that the team and the candidate will hammer out a plan for the future in the event of his hiring. Get ready for Quinn and Shanahan in Atlanta.

What are your thoughts on Shanahan as offensive coordinator?