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Dan Quinn to interview with Falcons tomorrow, Seahawks win means he can't yet be hired

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The Falcons will interview Dan Quinn on Monday for their head coaching vacancy.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are heading to their second straight Super Bowl. Good for them and all that, but that also means the Falcons will be delaying hiring their next head coach, presuming that Quinn is the choice.

The Falcons will be interviewing Quinn tomorrow, and for long swaths of this one, it looked like the Falcons would be able to make their hire tomorrow if they wished. Thanks to a stunning comeback late in the game and then a game winning touchdown in overtime, the Seahawks are headed back to the Super Bowl, which means we're left to wait another two weeks.

Still, the interview is an important step (or at least formality) if the Falcons do wish to bring Quinn in. They can't hire him, but they can cover a lot of ground and potentially figure out what kind of staff and players he's interested in. I'm not totally familiar with the interview rules, but that seems like something that would be valuable for a team that won't have an official new head coach in a little while. The Seahawks seem likely to repeat as Super Bowl champions after winning that, too.

Make no mistake: If Quinn is the choice, this changes absolutely nothing. The Falcons will be content to wait two more weeks as the only coaching vacancy on the market, and there's a small but non-zero chance they could hire an offensive coordinator before Quinn come on board, since this is basically an open secret at this point. Because we suspect Quinn is the choice, we'll just be killing time until after the Super Bowl, regardless of who wins that one.

Of course, they could just hire Teryl Austin and shock us all, but I don't view that as likely at this point.

We'll let you know if we hear anything from the interview tomorrow. In the meantime, talk playoffs and Falcons coaching.