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Rumor: Kyle Shanahan Wants To Join Dan Quinn's Staff

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There are a ton of talented offensive coordinators still out there, and the Falcons look to have their pick of a couple. Word is one coordinator wants on Dan Quinn's staff.

This was the happiest photo I could find of someone looking happy while wearing Browns apparel.
This was the happiest photo I could find of someone looking happy while wearing Browns apparel.
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, the Falcoholic used our impressive sourcing skills to let you know that those familiar with the Falcons coaching situation fully expect Dan Quinn to be the team's new head coach. Hooray, the team did not screw this up!

Who Quinn would bring in for his coordinators is a little less clear. The Falcons have held on to a handful of coaches and coordinators, hopefully for the purpose of keeping them around under the new coach. For instance, Terry Robiskie and Keith Armstrong are still under contract, and an interview with Armstrong was blocked, while the front office allowed Dirk Koetter and eventually Mike Tice to leave the organization.

One of the unknowns is the offensive coordinator. Still on the market are big names like Marc Trestman and Adam Gase. However, Kyle Shanahan, another big name, may be targeting Quinn's staff.

Edit: As wiesengrund pointed out in the comments, this is not the first time Shanahan has been linked to Quinn. In fact, according to ESPN, Quinn wanted Shanahan and a very familiar person on his staff, if the got the New York Jets job.

The Jets were concerned about staff-building; it was one of the top items on their list of priorities. Quinn was targeting Kyle Shanahan and Mike Smith as his coordinators, and there's no guarantee they'd still be available when Quinn was eligible to be hired.

That would be an awkward phone call trying to recruit Smitty back to Atlanta. However, the Shanahan connection makes some sense, as his offense looks a good deal like the Seattle Seahawks defense.

Shanahan would be a nice "get" for the Falcons. A proponent of the zone blocking scheme, Shanahan may be the reason why the Falcons let Tice go to the Oakland Raiders. He has been able to establish a run game with cheap players and has done well with quarterbacks not named Johnny Manziel.

It is hard to tell if Shanahan would be the best among those available, but would provide some level of upgrade over Koetter's confusing red zone offense and insistence on wide receiver screens.

Shanahan, Gase, and Trestman: who do you want?