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Play Fantasy Football During Conference Championship Weekend With FanDuel, Get 100% Deposit Bonus

SB Nation is hosting a FanDuel league for Sunday's playoff games. It's only $5 to join, and $1,000 in total prizes will be handed out. Click here to get a 100% deposit bonus on FanDuel

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Darryl Norenberg-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation is hosting a FanDuel league for the Seahawks-Packers and Patriots-Colts games. It's only $5 to enter, and you can go here to join it. If you win you'll take home a cool $120, but there's $1,000 in total prizes.

The key here? Pick a one-week fantasy team, use your $60,000 budget wisely and get the best players you possibly can. If there's one piece of advice I have for you as you select the team that will win you a week's worth of semi-fancy lunches, it is this: Get Rob Gronkowski. Chances are good he will destroy the Colts regardless of the outcome of that game, and that's action you should definitely want in on.

Again, go here to join SB Nation's FanDuel league, and good luck to everyone.

There's only 220 spots left, so sign up as soon as possible.