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Julio Jones still recovering from hip injury, will not play in this year's Pro Bowl game

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Fact: Julio Jones' legs are classified as weapons of mass destruction under the Geneva Convention

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons receivers Julio Jones and Devin Hester earned Pro Bowl selections this season. Huzzah! They were the only two players on the team scheduled to play in the January 21st "exhibition" game. But then came Julio Jones' hip injury, and the ensuing decision for him not to play. Yes folks, Jones is officially out. Credit to the Atlanta Falcons' Emily Adams for breaking the news.

As he continues to heal from the injury, Jones will now miss the 2015 Pro Bowl, scheduled for next weekend. Jones will be replaced by Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who finished the season with 1,404 yards and nine touchdowns.

Not a bad decision by Jones, and I'm sure the team had some input. Heck, I'd sure hope they did. Jones has struggled to stay healthy in his relatively short career. Even if the Pro Bowl is, practically speaking, a game of two-hand touch, Jones can't afford to aggravate an existing injury. We need him and his freakish athleticism to win the Super Bowl next season.

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