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Report: Falcons Lose Mike Tice To Oakland

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The offensive line coach looks headed to California barely a year after Atlanta brought him on board.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As coaching rumor season continues running full steam ahead, the Falcons have primarily been focused on who, exactly, will be added to next year's coaching staff. However, the team has also made efforts to keep a few of its preferred position coaches around for next season.

Offensive line guru Mike Tice was one of those coaches. Though a report surfaced on Wednesday indicating that the Falcons had blocked Oakland's request to interview Tice, Michael Silver of now reports that the Raiders have hired Tice as their next O-line coach.

Ian Rapoport confirmed as much, noting Friday afternoon that the Falcons "initially" denied the Raiders permission to pursue Tice for the opening on their staff before (apparently) allowing him to seek other opportunities.

Update: NFL Network host Lindsay Rhodes is denying Rapoport's report that the Falcons fought to keep Tice on staff.

Regardless of how the nitty gritty unfolded, the end result is the same: Tice will part ways with the Falcons after only one season. Although he was forced to deal with a slew of injuries to the O-line, the veteran coach still managed to cobble together a semi-functional unit that featured some promising young tackles in Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder.

In any case, the Falcons still would have had to grant Tice a release from that obligation since he was under contract, and so it looks like this move may have been a mutual one.

Your thoughts on Tice's departure?