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Contract Escalators Great News for Lamar Holmes

Lamar Holmes spent the bulk of the 2014 season on injured reserve, but he's looking at a significant pay raise with contract escalators.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

When the current CBA was established in 2011, Proven Performance Escalators were built in to benefit players drafted in the third through seventh rounds. Per, a player must be on the field for 35% of snaps over a three-year period or must be on the field for 35% of his team's snaps in each of two seasons to earn the escalator bonus. The Falcons' own Lamar Holmes has qualified for this escalator.

Per's Vaughn McClure, this will result in a significant salary increase for Holmes. suggests that the number isn't set in stone and could be as low as $1,503,000. The final number will be determined when the salary cap is set for the 2015 season. Either way, it's a big jump from the $793,400 Holmes was set to make in 2015.

Ryan Schraeder played very well at right tackle in Holmes' absence last season. The Proven Performance Escalator is not guaranteed money, so the Falcons could conceivably cut Holmes, take the dead money hit, which shouldn't be too painful, and save themselves the additional cash. The Proven Performance Escalator also does not stand in the way of a player signing a contract extension, so that's another option for Atlanta to remain more in control of Holmes' compensation.

What are your thoughts on Holmes and the Proven Performance Escalator bonus? What's the smart move for the Falcons?