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Dan Quinn Will Be The Falcons Hire, Per League Source

Barring anything unexpected, Dan Quinn should be the next coach of the Atlanta Falcons, per The Falcoholic's Jeanna Thomas.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A league source has confirmed to me that Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who has been identified in recent days as one of the Falcons' top targets to fill their head coach vacancy, is likely to be the Falcons' new coach whenever the Seattle Seahawks' playoff run ends.

Don't expect the announcement to be imminent, however. Quinn's team is looking toward the NFC Championship against Green Bay this weekend, and league rules prevent him from speaking with the Falcons this week. Because the Falcons spoke to Quinn early in the process, they are permitted to speak with him again next week regardless of the outcome of Sunday's game. Whether he'll be hired shortly thereafter or the Falcons will need to wait until after the Super Bowl is up to the Seahawks, of course. There evidently was strong mutual interest between the Falcons and Quinn after that first interview, and my source indicates the team has had him in mind as a top candidate ever since.

The Falcons interviewed Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin for the second time today, and the fact that Austin was not hired following today's interview also points to the fact that the Falcons are doing due diligence and covering their bases, but holding out for Quinn. Austin could be in the running for the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos jobs, but at the moment he represents an obvious fallback plan for the Falcons. He's a good coach in his own right.

What are your thoughts on Quinn as the new head coach of the Falcons?