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Falcons Request Permission to Interview Adam Gase For OC, Will Interview Teryl Austin Today

Intrigue abounds on Thursday for the Atlanta Falcons.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are set to finally interview Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin today, and there's a bit of added intrigue due to this news.

Gase was a hot name in the head coaching circuit earlier in the offseason, but his head coaching opportunities outside of Denver appear to have dried up entirely. Despite his reputation as a clipboard caddy who lets Peyton Manning do all the work, Gase has a bright offensive mind, and was able to effectively compensate for some of Manning's decline by emphasizing the ground game. The loss to the Colts may have cleaned a little shine off his star, however.

As an offensive coordinator, though, Gase is still the hottest name on the market. The Falcons would be remiss if they didn't get him in Flowery Branch for an interview, whether the head coach is going to be Teryl Austin or Dan Quinn. Both of those coaches are in-demand defensive minds with zero offensive experience, so a coordinator like Adam Gase would likely be welcomed by either man.

Meanwhile, Austin is likely interviewing as I write this. If he's going to be the hire for the Falcons, I anticipate we'll know by Monday, so keep your eyes open for that possibility in the days ahead. An Austin/Gase combination would seem to put the Falcons in good shape, coaching-wise, and they'll just need a raft of roster upgrades from there for me to feel good about this team again.

Your thoughts regarding Gase?