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Report: Dan Quinn The "Favorite" To Land Falcons Job

This connection is picking up steam in an awful hurry.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I know it seems like we've been talking about Dan Quinn and Teryl Austin all day, but bear with us while we talk about Dan Quinn and Teryl Austin some more.

While Austin interviews in Atlanta today, rumors that Dan Quinn and the Atlanta Falcons will be shacking up keep gaining steam. That culminated with this report from Adam Schefter.

If you're looking for a money quote, here it is.

There is a window next week for teams that already interviewed candidates to interview them again. Under the rules, the Broncos cannot interview Quinn, but the Falcons and Bears would be able to do so. Maybe the biggest advantage and lure that Atlanta has is its quarterback, Matt Ryan. His presence has made the Falcons’ job arguably the most appealing one available.

The upshot here is that The DW isn't just wearing a tinfoil hat here, if Schefter is to be believed. If the Falcons are willing to wait on Dan Quinn and Quinn views the Falcons job as the most desirable, you've got yourself a damn good fit. Quinn is a defensive-minded head coach fresh from arguably the league's best defense, and the Falcons have Matt Ryan and a couple of intriguing young pieces to dangle in front of Quinn like shiny car keys. If the interest is there from both parties, I'd view this as a virtual lock.

Of course, we don't know that the interest is genuinely there. I'd view this report warily until the Falcons actually do line up a second interview with Quinn, at the very least, because the state of head coaching reporting at the moment is not fantastic. If this is accurate, I'd support the hire, albeit with some vague disquiet that Quinn only looks so good because his defense is so talented.

What are your thoughts?