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The Jets Have Reportedly Hired Todd Bowles As Their Head Coach

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Adam Schefter reports that Bowles has taken the job in New York, crossing another candidate off Atlanta's list.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles, the Arizona defensive coordinator who had been widely linked to the Falcons vacant head coach gig in the last few days, has been hired by the New York Jets.

Bowles will have plenty to work with on defense in New York, though the quarterback situation needs to be resolved before the team's likely to rise to the top of the AFC. We wish him well, though I have to admit I was hoping he'd be Atlanta's next coach.

Where does this leave the Falcons? We're not exactly sure, but two candidates who appeared to be of interest to Atlanta have now been hired by AFC East teams, with Rex Ryan heading to Buffalo over the weekend. We can't be sure of the team's true interest in either, but it was widely reported that Bowles was a top candidate for the job. The Falcons have only one scheduled second interview that we know of, with Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, who interviewed with the Bears today and may be talking with the Broncos soon.

This has been a frustrating process for fans, in particular, given that the hiring season has been slow and two well-liked candidates are now gone. If the Falcons truly love Austin—or if they're waiting for Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn or New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels—then this isn't a huge deal, but if they've lost out on 1-2 of their top candidates to two seemingly less attractive gigs, that's a real concern. Sadly, I don't know if we'll ever entirely know what happened, particularly with Bowles, and nothing that's happened thus far is going to keep Falcons fans from freely using the phrase "dragging their feet" to describe the many-headed hydra searching for a new coach.

One potential bright spot:

Check out Gang Green Nation for more, and we'll talk a little more about Quinn and Austin in the morning, and perhaps offer a hot take or two. Keep it civil in the comments, please.