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Atlanta Falcons only have three roster bonuses to worry about this offseason

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The Atlanta Falcons have a slew of free agents they will consider re-signing this offseason. We've already covered who those players are - give this article a read if you missed it. They've got a lot of money to make the necessary re-signings, with a good chunk left over for free agency and a rainy day fund. Dave broke the numbers down for us earlier today.

Meanwhile, it appears the Falcons won't have very many roster bonuses to worry about between now and training camp. Let's break them down.

First, on March 12th, $1.5 million of Tyson Jackson's $2.25 million (2015) salary becomes guaranteed. Among the three players with "roster bonuses" due this off-season, Jackson's contract is the best candidate for restructuring. That said, don't expect any actual restructuring to take place. While Jackson didn't live up to his run defending reputation in 2014, he's certainly got that potential, proper scheme and coaching permitting.

Second, on March 14th, Jon Asamoah will get a $2 million option bonus. An option bonus is basically a "buy now but pay later" approach to paying a signing bonus. It allows teams to spread out the cap hit associated with a signing bonus over a maximum of five years. Asamoah earned every dollar the Falcons paid him in 2014. There's simply no way that option bonus doesn't vest.

Third, on June 6, Roddy White will receive a $500,000 roster bonus. So all in all, nothing to worry about. Now stop being anxious about the Falcons salary cap situation and have a drink.