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Falcons Salary Cap 2015: Sizing up Atlanta's spending money in free agency

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The Falcons should have a decent amount of cap space in 2015.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons head into 2015 with arguably the best cap situation in the NFC South, and their cap space puts them squarely in the middle of the pack in the NFL.

OverTheCap attempts to answer that question by figuring out not just cap room but likely re-signings, releases and re-structurings for these Falcons in the coming months. They come up with a figure of $21.9 million, which would give them the room to extend Julio Jones and make one fairly impactful signing, but not much else.

Obviously, that figure won't stand. The Falcons have a sizable crop of free agents. Some will be re-signed. They'll need to keep cap room open for their draft picks, and they can easily cut or re-structure Sam Baker, Steven Jackson and others to free up millions of dollars in additional space. I say easily with Baker because they'll probably whistle a merry tune whilst doing so, but the cap relief in that scenario is a bit trickier.

The important takeaway here is that the Falcons can get themselves around $30-plus million in cap space before free agency opens, but it's likely they'll blow through nearly all of that in the service of putting a serviceable team on the field in 2015.

We'll be doing a deep dive on the roster soon, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, discuss where you'd like the Falcons' money to go.