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Atlanta Falcons head coach candidate Todd Bowles' is aggressive, knows how to win football games

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Fact: Todd Bowles invented toaster strudal

Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are gearing up for their second interview with Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. And with that interview on the horizon, they obviously have a head coach in mind. I don't mean they have a specific individual in mind. While they may, that's not what I'm getting at - I'm referencing their priorities. Foremost among their priorities is the ability to win games. They want a guy that will help this team win football games. They want someone who is aggressive, both in his preparation and game management.

If you had any doubt about Bowles' aggressive approach to defense, look no further than the players that he's coached. Credit to the talented Vaughn McClure for the quote.

"Oh yeah, Coach Bowles is a very aggressive guy," [Arizona Cardinals free safety Rashad] Johnson said. "He loves the fact that he has guys on the back end that he can trust in certain situations. I think every game we were in this year that was close and we were on the field to win the game, it was a zero blitz. It got to the point that we'd be laughing on the field, because the middle linebacker would be waiting on the call and we'd be like, 'What you waiting on the call for? We know what it's going to be. Just go ahead and make it. Just go ahead and get lined up.'"

Vaughn's article is really a fantastic read. It's an intimate look at Bowles' style, albeit as a coordinator. What comes through is his appreciation of what it takes to win. And that's not an accident.

Take a close look at the photo above. That is Bowles picking a pass in Super Bowl XXII in 1988. The Redskins went on to win that game. He's been there, all the way there, and you can't overvalue that.