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Atlanta Falcons Assistant GM Scott Pioli takes much of Thomas Dimitroff's power away. Problem solved?

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Fact: Scott Pioli pities the fool and will destroy any man that tries to take what he's got

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff ain't what he used to be. Once a confident, mountain biking, hair pomade modeling wonderkid, Dimitroff has fallen out of favor at Flowery Branch. In the months ahead, Assistant GM Scott Pioli, not Dimitroff, will manage scouting and the draft.

In the wake of two very disappointing seasons, this change comes as no surprise. Heck, many of you expected Dimitroff's outright termination. A simple demotion, even if not in title, wasn't what we expected. But alas, this is professional football.

The NFL is a win-now place. Any employment in the NFL is subject to quick, decisive change. Either you produce or you will be replaced. And that said, it's natural to question whether the elevation of Pioli is the quick-and-easy remedy we're hoping it will be. CBS Boomer Esiason puts it delicately.

That means basically that (general manager Thomas Dimitroff's) been cut off at the knees by a guy he formerly worked with and for up there in New England," Esiason said. "This is what happens in this world. In the NFL, basically they cannibalize each other. They eat each other. They eat their young like Piranhas. It's a dysfunctional group of people that live in a dysfunctional world that back-stab each other [...]"

I'm not a huge fan of Boomer, but he's got a point here. First, the quickest solution isn't always the best solution. Second, it's not like Pioli was a raving success in Kansas City. He left the comfort of his New England apprenticeship and flopped. I don't like to throw low blows, but remember, this is the guy that drafted Tyson Jackson third overall in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Look, I'm not saying more of the same was the answer either. I've never run a football team; Pioli could all-of-a-sudden rediscover his stride in this new role. I'm just highlighting the complexity of the issue and looking to see where the Falcohol-sipping masses stand at this point. So without further adieu, enlighten me please. Ready? Set? Discuss!