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Rex Ryan: Seriously, What Just Happened Here?

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Well, that escalated quickly. How did Rex Ryan go from the expected favorite for the Atlanta Falcons to the Buffalo Bills head coach in a matter of days? We try to piece together the aftermath from twitter.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan had been feeling antsy. Plenty of reports this week seemed to be trying to pressure the Falcons, and their search firm Korn Ferry, to make a move.

At the same time, Arthur Blank's mother passed away midweek and interviews were delayed a day or two, with the team completing their first round of interviews last night.

That does seem pretty odd. Unless Rex was told there would not be a second interview, this is pretty bizarre. Rex goes to a similar situation in Buffalo, except a much better defense.

At the very least, there was no 2nd interview.

Which means Rex was likely still in the running for the job. Really, if Blank liked him as much as reported, he had good odds on the job.

Might have something to do with reports that Dimitroff wants Josh McDaniels.

We wanted you Rex. We really did. But it seemed like he jumped on his first job offer instead of waiting out the interview process.

With Rex Ryan coaching for Buffalo, who do you want coaching the team? Josh McDaniels, Todd Bowles, and Adam Gase seem like the top three candidates.