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Buccaneers Will Interview Dirk Koetter Today

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The Bucs will attempt to steal the Falcons' offensive coordinator. Jerks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The future of every coach currently on the Falcons is unclear, but there's an added degree of uncertainty for Dirk Koetter. The Falcons' offensive coordinator for the last three years will interview in Tampa Bay today for their OC vacancy, and he appears to be on the radar for other coaching candidates, as well.

Koetter is considered a strong candidate to replace Jeff Tedford, who left the Buccaneers to become head coach of the CFL's B.C. Lions. Koetter, 55, already has previous ties to Bucs offensive line coach George Warhop. Both were on the same Boston College coaching staff under Dan Henning in 1994 and 1995.

It also doesn't hurt Koetter that Atlanta scored 56 points against the Buccaneers in a Week 3 victory.

The Bucs, however, could have competition for Koetter's services. A source told FOX Sports that Koetter is held in high regard by two other head coaching candidates: Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and San Francisco defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.

Koetter has a distinctly mixed reputation in Atlanta, though his offenses have finished in the top 25% of the NFL by yardage twice in his three seasons. The team's fortunes haven't been as bright in 2013 and 2014, which took some shine off his accomplishments. The team's sometimes annoyingly predictable run game habits and the inability to get the ball to playmakers also worked against that, but on balance, I think Koetter is a good coordinator. He's also, by the interest he's drawing, a well-regarded one.

Unless the Falcons get their coaching staff in place quickly and have their eye on retaining Koetter, he's likely gone to more settled pastures. We'll wish him well if he goes, but I do not want him to end up successful in Tampa Bay, so I guess we wouldn't actually wish him well in that scenario.

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