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In Falcons' latest depth chart, Robert McClain starting at nickel back over Josh Wilson

Fact: Robert McClain gave Drew Brees post-traumatic stress disorder

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Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons' off-season acquisition of Josh Wilson complicated Robert McClain's career. In 2012, McClain was arguably the best nickel back in the league. But then 2013 happened, and he regressed. So when the opportunity to sign Wilson presented itself, the Falcons took advantage on a low risk deal.

As luck would have it, Wilson appears capable. He held down the starting spot throughout the preseason. He started in week 1. But now, in the Falcons' depth chart for Sunday's game against the Bengals, McClain is ahead of Wilson. That's what a game saving interception will get you.

Make no mistake, if McClain doesn't pick off that pass and Brandin Cooks hauls it in, the Falcons don't win on Sunday. It'd have been 27-17 Saints; not an insurmountable deficit, but certainly less-than-ideal in the 3rd quarter.

But this is more technical than anything. McClain played 51/75 defensive snaps, and the Falcons didn't utilize any other nickel back. In short, he was the nickel back against the Saints. Now they're just giving him the starter designation back. Why he didn't have it in the first place isn't clear. Maybe they were trying to prove a point, or maybe using McClain over Wilson at the nickel was a game time decision based on match ups. In any case, McClain is officially a starter again.

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