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Jake Matthews Injury: MRI reveals no significant damage

It's encouraging news for the Falcons as initial x-rays on Jake Matthews' left ankle were negative and a subsequent MRI revealed no significant damage.

Kevin C. Cox

NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday morning that rookie Jake Matthews had undergone x-rays on his left ankle, which Matthews injured just before the half in Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints. Those x-rays were negative and did not reveal any serious injury concerns, per Rapoport.

Matthews also had an MRI on Monday, and Rapoport is reporting that the imaging revealed no significant damage to Matthews' ankle. Matthews left Sunday's game following the injury and did not return, and any injury feels especially terrifying after the 2013 season, so this is wonderful news for the team and fans alike.

Rapoport says that Matthews could play Sunday as long as he isn't too sore. If Matthews isn't ready to go by Sunday, it would be better for him to sit out and heal fully. The offensive line performed well yesterday against some solid pass rushers, allowing just one sack and no other hits on Matt Ryan for the entire game.

Are you relieved to hear that Matthews injury isn't serious and that he shouldn't miss much time, if he misses any time at all?