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Falcons Injury Report: Jake Matthews has ankle injury, status unknown

Fact: Jake Matthews' left ankle makes babies cry

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Matthews' ankle injury was the most notable injury today. Not long after he left the game, his ankle was heavily taped and he was deemed questionable to return. Eventually, it was clear he wouldn't return, and his frustration showed.

After the game, Matthews left the stadium in an ankle boot. The Falcons were down 20-7 when Matthews left the game, and that they only gave up 1 sack and 3 QB hits en route to Matt Ryan's 448 yard, 3 touchdown, record breaking performance. Impressive.

As for Matthews, it's a good sign that he's walking. He even walked off the field before half time. It's also a good sign that they initially called him questionable. It suggests that he might've returned if the Falcons really needed him. What's troubling is that it's an ankle injury, specifically his left ankle. His footwork is so important, and when it's the left ankle playing on the left side, you're going to be affected. You're going to have a hard time anchoring and moving. Best case scenario, it's not a high ankle sprain and he's back in action early this week.

Roddy White was also banged up with a knee injury. He and Matthews went down on the same play. Given that he's been upbeat on his Twitter account, and that he returned to the game, I think he's fine. Remember, he's no young buck, and the Falcons don't want to take any chances with him. If limited playing time today will keep him on the field going forward, then I'm all for it.

Your thoughts?