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Falcons Complete Record-Breaking Day In Win Against Saints

What did the Falcons do today? Impressive things.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons set more than one record earlier today in their 37-34 win over the Saints. Let's break them down real quick.

  • Matt Ryan sets franchise passing touchdown record with 155, passing Steve Bartkowski
  • Matt Ryan sets the franchise record for passing yards with 448
  • The Falcons put up the second-most yards any team has put up against the Saints

While this is purely subjective, I would say this was the finest game of Matt Ryan's career. It was tough not to watch him and think that trotting out four receivers and giving him protection turned him from a very good quarterback into a great one, and we'll certainly hope we get to see him all season long.

The other part of the record-breaking equation here was also a lot of fun. Before the season I wondered aloud if the Saints might regress a bit on defense, given their stunning turnaround in 2013 and how unlikely it was that it could be sustained. It's too early to say whether there's anything to it—the Saints have 15 games left and still have the talent and defensive coordinator to be excellent—but for one game the Saints appeared completely incapable of slowing an admittedly potent Falcons offense. We'll see how this one shakes out.

Your thoughts?