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Who Will Be The Most Consistent Falcon In 2014?

A question worth mulling ahead of the Week 1 game.

Kevin C. Cox

Marshall Faulk's vague answer aside, this Tweet is one worth pondering for Falcons fans.

Last season, of course, nobody was all that consistent. It was a big part of the reason the Falcons were so terrible, because whether by injury, ineffectiveness or something else entirely, the team went through brief stretches of brilliance followed by long stretches of lousy play. They'll need to be better in 2014, and they'll need to be consistently better.

My vote for most consistent Falcon is William Moore. The veteran safety hasn't always been the rock of the secondary, but with young cornerbacks and an injury-prone safety next to him, he'll need to be one of the most consistent players on the field throughout the year. Fortunately for the Falcons, Willy Mo has the talent and the track record that indicates his poor stretches in 2013 were likely the aberration. I expect a huge, hugely consistent season out of him.

Who would be your choice?

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