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Atlanta Falcons Season Predictions From Falcoholic Readers

A closer look at the season ahead through the eyes of Falcons fans.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The season begins in just a few short days, but we can deliver our predictions right damn now. And so we shall.

Submit your ballot for the season ahead in all of the following areas, and we'll see what kind of rough consensus we achieve regarding the season ahead. We'll then file this one away to check on again after the season is over, and whoever comes closest to nailing all of these will win a Falcoholic t-shirt. Not a bad deal, right?

Season Record:
Playoff Berth?
Team MVP:
Best Offensive Player:
Best Defensive Player:
Worst Offensive Player:
Worst Defensive Player:
Rookie of the Year:
Best Game:
Worst Game:

Share your best predictions and discuss them below.