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Falcons Friday Funnies on

If you haven't seen the regular Friday Funnies feature on, it's worth watching. Plus, the Falcons want to know what funny questions you'd like to see the players answer on Fridays!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons do a great job of creating an engaging experience for fans on One of my favorite things about being in the locker room on Fridays is watching Matt Moore of the Falcons put together the weekly Friday Funnies segment.

Moore asks players a ridiculous question each week and films their responses. This week, players were asked if they would rather have to wear a permanent clown face for the rest of their life or permanent clown clothes. Players overwhelmingly preferred the idea of being forced to wear clown clothes for perpetuity. Julio Jones acknowledged that clown shoes might hinder his explosiveness on the field, but Roddy White said that trying to figure out those shoes would throw defensive backs off their game. Devonta Freeman put a lot of sound logic into his answer. Joe Hawley is the only player who felt like he could pull off the permanent clown face.

Previous questions include whether players would prefer to live in a kangaroo's pouch or have a pouch and have a baby kangaroo living in it, which was a difficult decision, and whether players would choose to fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses. Most guys wanted to take on the horse-sized duck, and Corey Peters had a whole strategy worked out for winning the fight. Matt Bryant would opt for the duck-sized horses because he's bigger than they are. Fair enough.

Here's where you come in, Falcoholics. The Falcons are looking for other fun questions to ask players for the Friday Funnies series, so share your best ideas in the comments!