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What's Your Favorite Way To Experience Falcons Gameday?

Watching the game, tailgating before the game, enjoying the game in person...what's your ideal method?

Kevin C. Cox

Everyone's got a unique gameday ritual, whether they head to the Georgia Dome bright and early to grill and drink beer before heading in or staying up until some insanely late or early hour to watch the game in Europe. Any way you slice it, we are creatures of habit, and gameday habits most of all.

So here's my question to you: What is the best, most unique way to experience Falcons gameday for those both local and far away? For me, it's always been firing up The Falcoholic, setting aside a couple of tasty beers and watching the game on a big screen television while yelling so loudly my family flees into the forest, but I'm a simple man with simple tastes.

Share yours with everyone here, as well as your tips for a great gameday experience at the Georgia Dome.