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Matt Ryan NFC Offensive Player of the Week, Devin Hester NFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Dual honors for two Falcons who had great games against the Buccaneers.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Two Falcons have received deserved awards for stomping all over the Buccaneers last Thursday.

The honor is particularly awesome for Hester, who has now set another, albeit more modest record to bronze and set on his mantle. It shows you Hester's longevity as a returner and his potency as one, which is impressive for a position that is pretty fungible on most teams.

Ryan, meanwhile, is off to arguably the hottest start of his career, putting up 7 touchdowns over three weeks and carving up the Buccaneers and Saints. He's now got two NFC Offensive Player of the Week awards to his name in 2014, and he'll try to keep the good times rolling against the Vikings.

If the offense and Keith Armstrong's special teams unit can continue to play at a high level, expect to see more of these awards heading the Falcons' way.