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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Falcons Rise Up, Slightly

The Falcons get a little extra credit for the Buccaneers beatdown, but still don't crack the top ten.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation power rankings are the finest in all the land, as you well know, so when they come thundering down from on high we stand up and pay attention. Or something like that.

This week, the Falcons are at #13. Here's what the august gurus at SB Nation had to say in their blurb about Atlanta:

The Falcons absolutely destroyed a hapless Buccaneers team on Thursday Night Football and nobody is playing more explosively on offense right now than Matt Ryan and that Atlanta group.

That ringing endorsement was enough to bring the Falcons up one single spot, from #14 last week. The quality of the opponent likely played a major role in that, as the Saints only went from #16 to #15 after their 20-9 victory over a decent but not great Vikings team. I think the Falcons' offensive dominance should probably earn them more love, but they'll need to show they can win on the road and that the Bengals game had more to do with the general excellence of the Cincinnati team than any failings on Atlanta's part.

If the Falcons can use the Buccaneers game as a springboard to a nice little win streak, they'll rise in the power rankings and the NFC South standings. The latter is clearly more important, but the former is nice to have, as well.

Your opinion on these rankings?