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Falcons represented in NFL Network's Top 5 Countdowns for week 3

There was no shortage of spectacular plays from the Falcons against the Bucs on Thursday Night Football. NFL Network acknowledged two of Thursday's plays in their Top 5 Runs and Top 5 Catches countdowns for week three.

Kevin C. Cox

We often bemoan the lack of positive attention the Falcons get from the national media. Well, when a team dominates an opponent in a primetime game, as the Falcons did last Thursday with their 42-point victory over the hapless Buccaneers, that tends to change. Even Heath Evans was forced to say nice things on NFL Network about the Falcons following Thursday's game. It was like waking up in an alternate universe.

While the team has moved on and has shifted their focus to preparing for the Minnesota Vikings, the glory of Thursday's win lives on with the inclusion of two highlights from the game on NFL Network's Top 5 Catches and Top 5 Runs lists, respectively, for week three of the 2014 season.

Matt Ryan's deep pass to Julio Jones in the third quarter came in second on this week's Top 5 Catches list. The number one catch on the list this week was Peyton Manning connecting with Demaryius Thomas in the end zone to tie the game and send the Broncos and Seahawks to overtime, which was admittedly pretty great.

Devin Hester's punt return for a touchdown against the Bucs, the one that culminated with him high-stepping into the end zone as an homage to Deion Sanders as he took sole possession of the NFL record for return touchdowns, came in at the top of NFL Network's Top 5 Runs list this week, and rightfully so.

It's not every week that the Falcons are acknowledged on any kind of NFL Network list, so drink it in, Falcons fans. What do you think about these plays? What other plays from Thursday's game should have been included?