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Roddy White Injury: Receiver, Harry Douglas, Devin Hester Antone Smith Miss Monday Practice

The Falcons' receiving corps is banged up, but it's too early to worry.

Kevin C. Cox

The Monday practice is not a terrific indicator of a player's status for the week, as Mike Smith will helpfully remind you at every available moment. Nonetheless, the Falcons went through their Monday practice without four offensive players, including three members of the receiving corps.

Roddy's working back from an injury that kept him out of Thursday's game, but by all accounts should be set to go Sunday against the Vikings. Douglas was hurt during the Bucs game and we have no idea whether he'll be able to go this week, while Hester dealt with fairly serious cramps during the game, if not another injury. Antone Smith's hamstring issue is the biggest surprise here, as it was never mentioned during the game or immediately following it.

Obviously, if one or two of these guys are going to miss time, the Falcons may need to make a move. Going without Roddy and HD, for example, would give the Falcons Julio Jones, Hester Eric Weems and Courtney Roby at receiver, which is no one's idea of a great time.

There's no sense in worrying about the status of any of these three players just yet. If the Falcons make a move tomorrow—say for a free agent, or promoting Bernard Reedy—or you start seeing Douglas, White and Smith not practicing on Wednesday, then you may permit yourself a pinch of concern. Until then, we wait and see.