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Bucs vs. Falcons: A Sweet, Sweet Tweet Recap

Did you wake up this morning wondering if Atlanta's 56-14 victory over the Bucs was even real? These tweets confirm that it was real, and it was fabulous.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons pulled off quite a win on Thursday Night Football. Coming off of a bad loss in Cincinnati and a short week to prepare, they dominated the Buccaneers in every phase of the game.

I saw this tweet prior to the game and thought, "Yeah, that would be nice."

Some people thought that NFL Network's analysts' unanimous Falcons picks were indicative of their intelligence.

Other fans were concerned.

This may have actually been the pre-game pep talk.

Let's go to our own FalconsM5 for a pre-game score update.

The Falcons looked sharp early. Devin Hester set the tone with a solid kick return and the offense moved the ball efficiently, scoring in just under three minutes.

A former Falcons quarterback weighed in with some kind words about Matt Ryan.

Atlanta looked solid on defense, also.

Things got a little crazy on this play. Devin Hester to the rescue!

The offense was not deterred, however.

Fans in the Georgia Dome heard a lot of Steven Jackson's theme song, Turn Down for What, last night.

Oh, yeah, and this happened. Obviously Matt Ryan was fine.

The team played well in all three phases.

The Bucs did not play well any of the three phases.

Second-year safety Kemal Ishmael had a fantastic pick-six, adding insult to hypothetical injury for the Buccaneers.

Oh no, Matt Bosher had a short punt and Matt Bryant missed a 59-yard field goal attempt. DOOM. Just kidding, it didn't matter.

This is a valid question.

There were some sloppy moments. There were penalties and a few Falcons turnovers that weren't great.

And Harry Douglas went down with a foot injury and did not return. Here's hoping he's fine.

Devin Hester had himself a day. He was a key element of the Falcons' offensive performance, saving a turnover and scoring on a fun reverse. Most importantly, he broke Deion Sanders' record for return touchdowns.

The one thing that seemed to be missing was a Falcons sack.

And then the Falcons did get sacks. Plural. Finally.

The Bucs were bad. Just shockingly bad.

Julio Jones almost had his second career interception to end the first half, but alas...

Some Falcons players have unique talents.

Head coach Mike Smith was mic'd up for the game, but the NFL should have actually asked Arif for his input prior to making that decision.

At times it felt like a preseason game, mainly because the backups came in and there were a lot of penalties.

High praise for Mike Glennon.

Don't mess with Joe Brawley.

Julio Jones is just phenomenal.

Have I made it clear that the Bucs looked really bad?

That said, the Falcons looked beyond dominant.

This game was so magical that many of us questioned if it was real or some kind of collective hallucination.

Matt Ryan played a phenomenal game.

Yet he's still so humble.

Warren Sapp is just incapable of not embarrassing himself in these situations.

Same with this guy. (Pro tip: his name is Jim Nantz.)

Bless their hearts.

Saints fans took comfort in the Bucs' misery.

I hope Steve is right.

The Bucs finally scored, and it was the very definition of garbage time points

A T.J. Yates pick-six? Eh, who cares.

And the nominees for tweet of the night are...

The Bucs' performance, summarized in one glorious Vine.

Enjoy your Victory Friday, Falcons fans.