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The Georgia Dome Advantage Was On Full Display Thursday Night

The Falcons clearly have an advantage at home.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Under Mike Smith, the Falcons have been largely unbeatable in the Georgia Dome, with the exception of an ugly 2013 season. Thus far in 2014, the Dome has been a friendly place, indeed.

The Falcons have beaten two divisional opponents, the Saints and Buccaneers, by a combined score of 93-48. Most of those came in yesterday's gigantic 56-14 blowout, but the offense has put up over 1,000 yards total between those two games, which is incredible. I alluded to Smith and the team's record at home since 2008, and after the blowout, it stands at 38-12. That's pretty damn good.

This team was built to play the game indoors, where their speed and a friendly, loud crowd plays so well.To be a truly great team you have to be able to play as well on the road as you do in your own house, of course, but it helps that the Falcons get seven games in the Dome this season, and I wouldn't be completely shocked if they won every single one of them.

How important do you think the Dome is for the Falcons' home success, and how would you stack the Dome advantage up with other stadiums around the NFL?