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One Falcon To Watch In Week 3: Matt Ryan

Remember the Bengals game? Yeah, that won't happen again.

Andy Lyons

So much went wrong for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons last week, that I don't believe I could even count them on all of my fingers.  Luckily for us, Matt is consistently a top quarterback in the NFL.  Sorry, NFL analysts.

Against Cincinnati, Ryan was forced to accommodate for a make-shift offensive line that struggled to block, and skill players that failed to get going for the majority of the game.  As a result, Matt threw three interceptions (two of which seemed to just come off of bad throws).  It's very uncharacteristic of our beloved gunslinger, but not unlikely considering he was running for dear life.

With Jake Matthews returning, a rested Roddy White, and a Buccaneers defense potentially being without some of their star players, look for Matt to have a bounce-back game on Thursday night.  He certainly owes it to us.

What are your predictions for Matt later tonight?