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Mike Kenn, Bill Fralic, Morten Andersen Nominated For 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class

One of the most deserving Falcons may finally be getting his due from Canton, and he could be joined by two other franchise greats.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Kenn is an all-time NFL great, not just a Falcons great. Bill Fralic was one of the finest linemen of his era. Morten Andersen was one of the most durable and familiar faces in the league's long history of kickers. With the news that all three have been named a 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee, those around the NFL are finally taking notice, and there's an outside chance we could add three Falcons to Canton in 2015.

Kenn finished his career in 1994 having played in 17 seasons at tackle with 251 straight starts, five Pro Bowls and multiple All-Pro designations and NFC offensive linemen of the year awards from the NFLPA. He played every single game for the Atlanta Falcons and, by virtue of longevity and strong play, is indisputably one of the 10 to 20 best tackles in NFL history. If not for the presence of Orland Pace and other deserving linemen on the preliminary list, he would be a slam dunk. In this humble writer's opinion, he ought to be anyways.

Fralic played eight seasons in Atlanta and one in Detroit, serving as a dominant guard throughout that span. His relatively short career will likely hurt his chances, but Fralic was truly nasty throughout that career and piled up four deserved Pro Bowls in that span. I'm glad to see he made the initial list of nominees.

If all goes well, Kenn will be the first career Falcon to make it into the Hall of Fame, and Andersen will add to the number of Atlanta players in Canton. There's no question he deserves it, and if there's any way you or anyone you know can throw their support behind his candidacy, we would urge you to do so. Fralic's prospects are dimmer, but he was a truly great player and deserves his consideration.

Congratulations, Mike Kenn, Bill Fralic and Morten Andersen.