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Sure, yesterday sucked, but the Falcons and their fanbase should remain optimistic

Fact: Matt Ryan eats lots of bread, notwithstanding his gluten intolerance

Andy Lyons

In 2007, the Giants started 0-2. They won the Super Bowl that year. In 2000, the Patriots started 1-3. They won the Super Bowl that year. Heck, heading into week 3, of 2013-2014's playoff teams, only the Bengals, Broncos, and Panthers remain unbeaten. In other words, our pets' heads aren't falling off, and the world isn't ending.

Now that we have that behind us, let's confront reality. There are some significant problems this team cannot overcome in the next 14 games. They won't have an elite pass rush. Their offensive line play will likely remain streaky. The defense isn't going to all-of-a-sudden find itself on the deep end of the talent pool. These are the bad facts.

But let's not ignore the good facts. First, Matt Ryan is an elite quarterback. He's not Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning, but he's just one step below them. Given the protection and healthy weaponry, he can do damage. Second, this defense isn't completely incapable. Sure, they're the second worst defense in the league through two games. But I truly believe they're closer to the middle of the pack, talent-wise. Third, if healthy, we have one of the best, if not the best, receiving duos in the game. Fourth, our running back corps has been surprisingly capable. Fifth, Dave has been sober for the past 12 hours. We think.

In short, it's the end of week 2. Take a deep breath. As a Falcons fan, you have every right to be upset. You've been waiting for the Falcons to turn that corner. I've lived it. I know your pain. But think how you'll feel if the Falcons defeat the middling Buccaneers on Thursday night. They'll be 2-1 and right in the thick of it. Woosah.