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Jake Matthews Injury: Rookie Tackle Expected To Return To Practice Tuesday

The Falcons may welcome Jake Matthews back for Thursday night against the Buccaneers.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons have a longer-than-anticipated injury report heading into this week, but when it comes to Jake Matthews, all we've got is good news.

The return of Matthews could be a huge boost for the offensive line, which faced off against a tough Bengals pass rush and largely struggled to contain Carlos Dunlap. I'm not saying Matthews is going to come back and be stellar, but he should be useful at worst against a depleted Buccaneers pass rush.

Me? I'll believe that Matthews is returning when he's on the field and suited up Thursday night. Ankle injuries can be troublesome, the Falcons won't want to risk Matthews if there's any doubt at all and they're not exactly forthcoming with their honest expectations for injured players.

Here's the rest of the notable injuries:

Roddy is hopefully just getting one of those days of rest the team has talked about him needing to this point. Little question that Shembo and Jones will be good to go, in my opinion.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when we'll have comments from the locker room courtesy of the talented Jeanna Thomas.