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Falcons Rookie Report Card: Week 2 vs. Bengals

The rookies are quiet again in Week 2 for the Falcons.

Kevin C. Cox

We limp into Week 3, but first we have to take one look over our shoulder at Week 2 and oh no we're pillars of salt.

No, but seriously, we do have to take a look at the rookie class. As was the case a week ago, there's not a lot of grades to hand out, because Prince Shembo led all rookies and he played fewer than half the team's snaps. Ra'Shede Hageman only got a handful, and Jake Matthews was out. The Falcons are likely to work these guys in more as the weeks move on—particularly Shembo—but we're not quite there yet. I still have a few quick comments

OT Jake Matthews

Matthews is nursing an ankle sprain and didn't play. He almost certainly won't play Thursday night, either, unless he's feeling much better or the Falcons are particularly terrified of their line situation.

Grade: N/A

DE/DT Ra'Shede Hageman

Hageman had a pair of tackles, one a stop after four yards for Giovanni Bernard and the second an assist on a stuffed run play. Once again, he didn't get enough snaps for me to grade him, but I honestly think he needs to be out there more. On those plays where I glimpsed him, he was around the ball and looking active, at least.

Grade: INC

FS Dezmen Southward

Southward was active but limited to special teams once again. He didn't record any stats, and that will continue to be the case as long as Dwight Lowery is healthy.

Grade: INC

RB Devonta Freeman

As part of their ongoing effort to annoy Falcons fans who love Devonta Freeman, the Falcons only managed to get the rookie two touches. He caught two balls for 22 yards, looking fast and running hard on his 18 yard catch. It's obvious Freeman needs more touches, and we'll just have to see how long we have to wait.

Grade: INC

ILB Prince Shembo

Shembo was actually on the field quite a bit in the second half, and while he didn't make any big plays, his motor and tackling ability were on full display, as he had a hand in six in total. He played enough snaps to merit mention here and was solid, and don't be surprised if he starts against the Buccaneers.

Grade: B

OLB Tyler Starr

Didn't play. Starr will be a week-in, week-out inactive throughout most of the season, more than likely.

Grade: N/A

So that's the rookie report. Thoughts?