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One Falcon To Watch In Week 2: Robert Alford

By the looks of it, Robert will have 32 pass deflections after Week 17.

Chris Graythen

Last week, Robert Alford had two near-interceptions that would have made the game a bit more comfortable for all of us.  Look for him to take away the "near" on Sunday.

When Alford was drafted in 2013, many fans were actually more excited about him than they were about Desmond Trufant.  Desmond showed last season that he was the more polished player of the two, and went on to have one of the best rookie seasons Atlanta has seen since drafting Matt Ryan.  That was last year, however, and Robert is making a strong case right now to be seen as a complete equal.  Alford displays incredible ball instincts and awareness on field, and has a good of a chance as any to be a deciding factor to the game's outcome in Cincinnati.

Andy Dalton, who is a a pretty solid quarterback, will be slinging the ball to none other than A.J. Green this weekend.  If Atlanta's pass rush can show up in just a few crucial moments of the game, I can see Alford having a breakout game, and help Atlanta start the season of with back-to-back wins against Super Bowl contenders.

How do you see Alford performing against the likes of A.J. Green and Marvin Jones?