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Roddy White's Shocking Statement: Falcons Aim to Score 30 Points Per Game

Long time Falcon Roddy White has a history of bold and unabashed statements. Sometimes those statements get him into hot water and this one has the potential to do exactly that. Now he is saying the Falcons want to score 30 points, every week.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This team is only one full game away from a season where they put up 22.1 points per game, so this is a pretty bold goal. Even with optimism high among Falcon fans after shellacking the Saints, 30 points per game?

From ESPN's Falcon beat writer Vaughn McClure.

But can the Falcons average 30 points per game?

"That's our goal," receiver Roddy White said. "From the start of the offseason through training camp, we always told ourselves we have to score 30 a game. That's what we want to do. It's hard to score 30 in the NFL, I'm trying to tell you. I mean, we've got the personnel to do it.

White is not lying when he said the Falcons have the personnel to put up those numbers. The Falcons are fresh off putting up 37 points on what I have been told is a good Saints defense. The offense put together a fantastic game, finally able to lean on more than one or two players.

Matt Ryan's pocket presence looked drastically improved after taking 44 sacks and being pressured about 5,000 times last season. He moved effortlessly around pass rushers and made passes down the field. The offensive identity feels different, with more wide receiver heavy sets spreading out defenses and opening up the run game.

Every running back on the roster was able to make an impact, with the team being able to easily and effortlessly utilize the specific talents of each back. It has been a long time since Atlanta has had both enough talent and an offensive coordinator not too stubborn to use each and every back on the roster on game day. The team can realistically rotate and play Steven Jackson, Devonta Freeman, Antone Smith and Jacquizz Rodgers every week.

Quick, name the last time Atlanta's 4th wide receiver made an impact in a game.

That was a trick question because it never happened. Devin Hester was able to stretch the field and spread out the Saints defense. If he did not make an impact in preseason, I would say it is a bit premature to get excited about Hester. While he flamed out in Chicago at wide receiver, he may be a perfect fit as a WR3 or WR4, using his speed to take advantage of slow-footed safeties or poor nickel and dime backs.

If the Falcons can keep buzzing along like they did last Sunday, Roddy's goal is not too crazy. Is anyone else out there as optimistic as I am regarding our offense? Or even as optimistic as Roddy?