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Dwight Lowery Returns To Practice Saturday

The expected starting free safety is back in action.

Sam Greenwood

The Falcons got some good news Saturday, as Dwight Lowery returned to practice after suffering a concussion in training camp over a week ago.

Obviously, this is a major relief for those of us who feared that another concussion would cost Lowery significant time, which seemed reasonable given that he's suffered at least three others in his NFL career. Apparently it was a truly mild concussion, though even a mild one has lasting impacts that Lowery and the team are no doubt cognizant of.

If Lowery's back in action by the next preseason game, expect him to get a handful of snaps with the first unit before the Falcons continue to evaluate Kemal Ishmael and Dezmen Southward. The team should and likely will take it slow with Lowery in an effort to have him ready to go for the season opener, and it makes no sense to give him significant snaps in preseason and risk another, potentially career-ending blow to the head. Unfortunately, he's already going to be taking that risk every time out in the regular season, and there's little to be done about it.

It will be well worth evaluating the safeties behind Lowery, in other words. We hope this is the last injury he sustains.