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NFL Preseason 2014: Falcons-Dolphins Injury Report

The Falcons came out of the game relatively healthy.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons didn't walk out of their first preseason game against the Miami Dolphins unscathed, but they are relatively healthy. We can be thankful for that.

Smith exited late and was declared out, which was enough cause to worry. It appears he's going to suffer no lasting effects, so we can expect to see him back and competing this week during practice and against the Texans next Saturday.

Kimario McFadden walked off the field under his own power and should be fine going forward, though he may need a little time off if he's got a mild sprain. There's no particular reason to believe he does at this moment.

The final injury was another one to a linebacker, this time veteran Tim Dobbins. He "hobbled" to the sidelines, per multiple reports, and his status wasn't clear after the game. If Dobbins has suffered a significant injury, the Falcons will be down him and Marquis Spruill, who was lost for the year with an ACL injury earlier this week. That would leave the team a little thin heading into the second preseason game.

Let's hope for the best.