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Your official Atlanta Falcons roster

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Kevin C. Cox

There are a thousand 90 players on the Falcons roster right now, so you might have a hard time keeping up with everyone at the start of preseason play. Not to worry, we've got you covered.

Below is a full list of Atlanta's active roster. Each column is sortable (just click the header). Keep this handy when you're watching the game with friends. "Who's this No. 46 guy?" "That's obviously Walker May, duh."

Number Name Position
2 Ryan, Matt QB
3 Bryant, Matt K
5 Bosher, Matt P
6 Castillo. Sergio K
7 Ebert, Jeremy WR
8 Sambrano, Jabin WR
9 Matthews, Jeff QB
11 Jones, Julio WR
12 Renfree, Sean QB
13 Yates, TJ QB
14 Boldewijn, Geraldo WR
15 Roby, Courtney WR
16 Jones, Julian WR
17 Hester, Devin WR
18 Martino, Freddie WR
20 Lowery, Dwight S
21 Trufant, Desmond CB
23 Alford, Robert CB
24 Mabin, Jordan CB
25 Moore, William S
26 Wilson, Josh CB
27 McClain, Robert CB
28 Arenas, Javier CB
29 Baker, Sean S
30 Vaughan, Josh RB
32 Rodgers, Jacquizz RB
33 Freeman, Devonta RB
34 Smith, Jerome RB
35 Smith, Antone RB
36 Ishmael, Kemal S
37 Allen, Ricardo CB
38 Johnson, Tyrell S
39 Jackson, Steven RB
40 McFadden, Kimario S
41 Southward, Dezmen S
42 DiMarco, Patrick FB
43 Glover-Wright, Devonta CB
44 Angerer, Pat LB
45 Hagens, Maurice FB
45 Smith, Jacques LB
46 May, Walker LB
47 Harris, Josh LS
48 Daley, Brenden LB
49 Starr, Tyler LB
49 Wozniak, Brian TE
50 Umenyiora, Osi DE
51 Spuill, Marquis LB
52 Dobbins, Tim LB
53 Shembo, Prince LB
54 Smallwood, Yawin LB
55 Worrilow, Paul LB
59 Bartu, Joplo LB
61 Hawley, Joe C
62 Stone, James C
63 Blalock, Justin G
64 Eguae, Nosa DE
65 Rumph, Donte (Cupcake) DT
66 Konz, Peter C
67 Replogle, Adam OL
68 Carimi, Gabe OL
69 Gunn, Harland G
70 Matthews, Jake T
71 Biermann, Kroy DE
72 Baker, Sam T
73 Schraeder, Ryan T
74 Jones, Terren T
75 Asamoah, Jon G
76 Holmes, Lamar T
77 Hageman, Ra'Shede DE
79 Johnson, Mike OL
80 Toilolo, Levine TE
81 Pedersen, Jacob TE
82 Schuler, Mickey TE
83 Douglas, Harry WR
84 White, Roddy WR
86 Pascoe, Bear TE
87 Thompson, Tramaine WR
88 Reedy, Bernard WR
90 Maponga, Stansly DE
92 Robertson, Travian DT
93 Goodman, Malliciah DE
94 Massaquoi, Jonathan DE
95 Babineaux, Jonathan (U.S.S.) DT
96 Soliai, Paul DT
97 Agnew, Theo DT
98 Matthews, Cliff DE
99 Jackson, Tyson DE

Keep in mind that Sean Weatherspoon is on the reserve/injured list, and Drew Davis, Zeke Motta and Corey Peters are all on active/physically unable to perform.