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Will Devin Hester finally turn the corner on offense?

Fact: Devin Hester once beat a three-legged pirate in a foot race

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you read the teaser, then you're no fool. You know what the Falcons brass is quickly figuring out: Devin Hester is offensive. No, not offensive like Alex Welch's breath or Dave's proclivity for drunken streaking. Indeed, he's offensive in a good way. He's got an ability to contribute to the offense, something we figured was just free agency-related assurances prior to training camp. The talented Jay Adams has the story.

"I've been very happy, as have all the coaches, with how Devin has taken to the wide receiver stuff," Koetter said Thursday. "Terry Robiskie has done an awesome job with him. The other receivers are helping him and Devin's going to be an exciting player — definitely a weapon that we added in the offseason that's going to help."

At this point, he's under contract. The Falcons don't have to appease him in contract negotiations. They don't have to promise him anything. At this point, he has to earn it - he has to actually show an ability to contribute on offense. It would appear he's doing just that.

Going forward, Hester will be the 5th or 6th option in the passing game. He likely won't have more than a few receiving touchdowns. But in a pinch, he provides a different look. He didn't exactly thrive in that role as a Chicago Bear. But this isn't Chicago, and Hester can arguably extend his career by diversifying his skill set a bit. I like his chances. Do you?