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Marquis Spruill Latest Falcon Injured In Training camp

His status is currently uncertain.

Kevin C. Cox

I hate to foment any panic in the fanbase, but I do feel I should pass along injury news as a matter of course. Thus, unfortunate news.

Marquis Spruill went down at practice today, the latest in a string of camp injuries that's not unusual across the NFL, which is small comfort for those of us who want the healthiest team possible.

There's no way to know how severe this is on first blush. It's worth remembering that Gabe Carimi went down hard and wound up with a sprained ankle, while Terren Jones left the field on a stretcher in a scary scene that turned out to be a still-serious but not career-threatening concussion. It may be that Spruill, the rookie ticketed primarily for special teams duty, won't miss much time at all. We just don't know yet.

We'll let you know as soon as we have an update.