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A Distraction? Voice Your Opinion After Watching Hard Knocks: Episode 1

The Falcons fan base has not been more divided on a topic since, "Harry Douglas: Good or Terrible".

"Can you guys get in a fight again? We missed the shot."
"Can you guys get in a fight again? We missed the shot."
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Fans were either excited or livid when it was announced Hard Knocks would film the Atlanta Falcons for the 2014 version of the HBO show. While some were happy they could better know the team's players and the workings of the team, others thought the show would be a distraction.

Would the added attention and cameras stop the players from acting like a team? Grantland wrote about exactly this issue.

Some things have changed since previous years. Whether it is Hard Knocks or new line coaches Mike Tice and Bryan Cox, the team seems to have had more fights and has been doing the Oklahoma drill. Even Brian Robiskie initially questioned the decision.

Even head coaches are divided.

The players are certainly aware that HBO cameras are all over Flowery Branch, but the players are also typically surrounded by local and national media through practice.

After last night's episode, has your opinion changed at all?