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The Falcoholic Survey

Join in, contribute, and learn what it means to be a Falcohlic!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I know you have been on the edge of your seat, just waiting for me to release the survey. Finally, it has arrived.

A quick reminder before you start - the survey is anonymous. However, if you do happen to be uncomfortable answering any question, feel free to just skip over it. One more time, you are not required to answer any particular questions.

I wanted to thank everyone for contributing questions in one of my last posts - we got some great stuff. Five people tested the survey for me, which took 11 minutes on average. I hope you can take some time to contribute to our definition of a Falcoholic. Let's hope our results don't get too muddied by trolls from other sites. I'll be watching like a hawk!...Falcon?

I'll leave the survey open for the next week. I'll then summarize the basic information and post results here. After that, I'll do some work finding correlations that may just blow your mind...but probably not.

Without further adieu, have at it!