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Atlanta Falcons Announce 8 Player 2014 Practice Squad

Bernard Reedy, Ricardo Allen, Travian Robertson and two empty spots headline the team's 2014 squad.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The noon deadline has passed and all players have cleared waivers, so the Falcons quickly rushed to fill out 4/5ths of the practice squad. In fact, there are no surprises here. Every player was with the team through camp.

The Falcons announced they will fill the last two spots tomorrow. The team likely wanted to bring back the players they liked and will scour the waiver wire for new players to fill the remaining two spots, so get ready for some new blood. Lets remember over 800 players have been cut in the last week, so teams are playing catch up at this point.

Here's the full list of players:

  • 5th round cornerback Ricardo Allen
  • Safety Sean Baker
  • Guard Harland Gunn
  • Tackle Terren Jones
  • Wide receiver Bernard Reedy
  • Defensive tackle Travian Robertson
  • Linebacker Jacques Smith
  • Running back Jerome Smith

Many of you will be thrilled to see Bernard Reedy's name on this list, but there are other intriguing players who wound up with a spot. The team managed to keep all the big names from their previous cuts.

Stay tuned for the rest of the day for any further breaking roster news and hopefully some jokes about the return of Ricardo Allen's Hawaiian shirt.

Are you happy with the practice squad so far?